We help amateur and professional athletes to recovery from injury, using progressive, high-performance programming that gets them back on their feet and back to the sport they love.

Our origin story

Hamish, driven by a lifelong passion for sports, found his calling in Sports Rehabilitation and Performance after realizing his talent didn't align with his dreams to be a professional athlete. His career has been marked by working alongside global superstars of the sports world, culminating in the creation of Peak Performance & Rehabilitation (PPR). This venture was inspired by the belief that both physical and mental fitness are integral to a fulfilling life, aiming to unlock individuals' full potential.

PPR stands apart from traditional physiotherapy by emphasizing active over passive treatments and prioritizing strength and conditioning principles in rehabilitation, which Hamish views as key to success. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted PPR to adapt its services, leading to innovative ways of delivering support programs.

Their vision is a world where people harness their unique motivations to achieve peak physical and mental health. Understanding individuals' aspirations and aiding in overcoming obstacles is central to their approach. PPR is committed to pushing boundaries, enabling clients to achieve inspiring goals.

The mission of PPR is to support individuals who value their health and well-being, and amateur and professional athletes in recovering from injuries and reaching specific athletic objectives. Their strategy involves implementing progressive, high-performance programming that not only aids in recovery but also enables clients to become their best athletic selves.


Hamish boasts an impressive collaboration history with a diverse array of elite athletes, including Olympic medalists, X Games medalists, World Champions, golf major champions, rugby union and rugby league greats, and UFC fighters. This collaboration has equipped him with a robust skill set focused on optimizing both short-term and long-term injury rehabilitation, ultimately aiming to enhance performance in high-pressure competitive settings. Beyond guiding individuals through their rehabilitation, Hamish seeks to share invaluable insights from these sporting icons, emphasizing the crucial role of mindset and unwavering dedication in navigating rehabilitation journeys and achieving athletic goals. His commitment extends beyond physical rehabilitation, delving into the psychological aspects crucial for achieving peak performance.


As with most Mum’s or Dad’s with partners in the High-Performance Sport field, Alex has provided essential support and made countless sacrifices for the family. With a diverse career background, she currently serves as the Peak Performance and Rehab Business Manager. Prior to this role, Alex excelled as an outdoor boot camp, yoga and barre instructor and personal trainer while simultaneously studying health coaching and working in education with children. Her unwavering commitment to these areas has shaped her personal journey toward achieving optimal well-being. With her enthusiasm and expertise, Alex brings immense value to both the business and the family. Whether it's managing the business or inspiring others to lead healthier lives, Alex has an immense part to play in the growth of the Peak Performance and Rehab.

Our values


We make time for what’s important and we expect you to do the same. We’ll work just as hard as you, but it comes down to you doing the grunt work, even when it feels impossible. Because that’s where progress is made. Stay calm, trust the process, work hard. When you win, we win.


Sport can change perceptions, attitudes, and mindsets. We believe it can literally change the world. It teaches us about ourselves and the world around us; it lets us glimpse victory and taste despair. It shows us out limits and it teaches us to smash barriers. We’re here for it just as much as you are.


We’re here to listen to what you need, to deeply understand how we can help. Only then can we empower you to achieve your goals. Education is part of the journey and we’re drawing on years of experience and research to give you the best support. It’s a journey ahead and we’re right there with you, for the ups and the inevitable downs.