What you will get:
  • Initial consultation, needs analysis and goal setting
  • A multi-disciplinary approach where our experts will communicate directly with other health professionals you may be utilizing on the ground e.g. surgeons, personal trainers, massage therapists etc
  • 1-1 consultations when required during the 4-week program
  • Rehab wherever, whenever you choose with our online app which has clear, precise information on each exercise and each session
  • Provide feedback to our coaches and upload video or comments for review via the Truecoach app
  • Options for when you are travelling or have minimal/no equipment
  • Direct access to our professionals for Q&A via the the Truecoach app


$49 USD
Auto-renews at $49 per week until cancelled
$195 USD
Auto-renews at $195 per month until cancelled

We support individuals who value their health and well-being, as well as amateur and professional athletes to recovery from injury. PPR use progressive, high-performance programming that get back to the life you love and get you back there performing better than ever before.

Our structured 4 and 8 week program kicks off with an online consultation to individualize your program, with weekly follow ups to chat through progress, challenges, and mindset. Your program is updated after each follow-up, providing a truly tailored rehabilitation journey. We also offer video feedback on your form and real-time rehab sessions to guide you through new workouts.

Studies show compliance to be as low as 50% for most physiotherapy rehab programs. Our experts handle the research and planning for safe, effective programs, fostering accountability and motivation.

Importantly, we work closely with on-the-ground partners to make sure you have everything you need, including surgeons, doctors and any other specialist you're working with.

We understand, we educate, we empower everyone on your rehab journey.

Peak Performance and Rehab - rehab on your terms.

Injuries we specialize in:
  • Knee
  • Foot / Ankle
  • Hip
  • Back / Neck
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow / Wrist / Hand